Why doesn’t India want to ‘internationalise’ the Kashmir issue?

: Why-doesnt-India-want-to-internationalise-the-Kashmir-issue

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Let's say two little kids are fighting at home. The younger brother was disturbing the older brother and the older brother hit back. Who has the most to lose in calling mom in this situation?

The younger brother has little to lose as he is bound to get the sympathy and no one is going to pay attention to the fact that he started the trouble. However, mom will scold the older brother as he is unfairly expected to shoulder greater responsibilities. To stop the fight and get back to her work, mom will look to share the stuff they are fighting for, although it originally belonged to the older brother.

Nations often behave like toddlers. They are possessive, childish, get easily offended and behave irrationally.

Why doesn't India want to 'internationalise' the Kashmir issue?


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