Why has South India not been active in any national movements?

history : Why has South India not been active in any national movements?

Answer by Anonymous:

Hello my dear friend, first of all thank you for asking this question.
If you feel south India has not taken part in the national movements then I kindly beg you to study the history properly.

Below are few examples of our part:

  • Independent Struggle Movements
  1. Lets start with the well know Vellore Mutiny(1806) which eventually a very first India freedom struggle.
  2. Vanchinathan from Senkottai(Tamil Nadu) shot General Ashe for collecting inappropriate taxes in Thirunelveli city.
  3. Anglo-Mysore_Wars which was fought directly against East India Company
  4. For Be Indian Buy Indian movement led by Mr.Gandhi, Periyar E. V. Ramasamy sold khadhi clothes by himself by carriying the clothes on his shoulders. He also involved his wife and other family movements directly in this and his enntire family spent years in prison for this
  5. South Indian poet who wrote against British Subramania Bharati, V. O. Chidambaram Pillai,
  6. Few South India ruler who revolted against British,
    1. Tipu Sultan
    2. Nizam of Hyderabad
    3. Velu Nachiyar ( Women Princess )
    4. Veerapandiya Kattabomman

    5. Maruthu Pandiyar
    6. Dheeran Chinnamalai
    7. Palaiyakkarar
  • Social movements
  1. Subramania Bharati who fought against British also lead women empowerment and was against caste discrimination.
  2. After independence , we can give majority of credit to single man named Periyar E. V. Ramasamy for leading majority of the social reforms in South India.  He single handedly lead lot of social reform movements like women  empowerment, self-respect movement, eradicate caste decriminalization.
  3. King Maker K. Kamaraj who has chosen 2 prime ministers of India(Lal Bahadur and Indira Gandhi) and involved in creating the fate of India. He has involved in bringing lot of innovative and effective governance system in Tamil Nadu. He is still an example of how the government servent should be, because he died with just 2 sets of dhotis and shirt and Rs.26 in his account.

Note: I am 23 years old. If I am able to give this many examples from South Indian movement and people, just think how many examples my father and grandfather can give.

Why has South India not been active in any national movements?


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