Is it true that most Indians are concerned about Kashmir but not Kashmiris?


Answer by Animesh Roy:

I often wander on the internet and find these kinds of comment about Kashmir. The general sentiment by many Kashmiris is such that "Kashmir is some sort of colony of India and neither Indian Gov nor Indians care about Kashmiris".

Without invoking any emotional plea, lets look at the economics of it. Although it is very old, below is a very good article on the issue.

'Jammu and Kashmir most pampered state in India' : NATION

If you go through it, you will find out all the numbers. But, if you are too busy, then I will quote couple of them for you.

"A Kashmiri gets eight times more money from the Centre than citizens from other states. While per capita Central assistance to other states moved from Rs.576.24 in 1992-93 to Rs.1,137 in 2000-1, that of the Kashmiri spiralled from Rs.3,197 to Rs.8,092"

"For all that talk of autonomy or azadi, the fact is that Jammu and Kashmir cannot sustain itself without the Centre's support. In 2001-2, the state spent Rs.7,516.6 crore of which Rs.4,577 crore-or 60 paise of every rupee spent-came from the Centre"

While rest of the India has 26% proverty (Although that is a very optimistic number), Kashmir has only 3.4%.

I can go on and on but I believe you get the point. When center funds you, its we, rest of the Indians actually pay for it.

Is it true that most Indians are concerned about Kashmir but not Kashmiris?


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