What is the Kaveri river issue all about?

What is the Kaveri river issue all about?
I would like to hear an impartial background on the Kaveri issue and what are the possible solutions to the problem? or is the problem created only for political gains?

Answer by Vijayakumar Solaiselvam:

Disclaimer – We are all Indians first, i want to answer this question with facts and reality than sentiment. no kannada, tamil fight plz.. My favorite city is Bangalore…

River always belongs to river basin people from start to end.. if this is not the case,  80million population of EGYPT can't live, since their lifeline Nile come from other water rich countries, so declining it,  is factually and morally wrong.

Yes, Historically Tamil nadu was utilizing the cauvery in a higher extent (start from1AD), it should not be damned suddenly

Karnataka with area 1.5 times of tamil nadu,  but has 80% of population of tamil nadu, it has better water resource and rain fall, much much higher than TN.

I may look biased towards Tamil Nadu, but i can't help, will see importance of cauvery and its history of catchment areas,

Is Cauvery life line of Karnataka..?
Is Karnataka fully depend on cauvery..?…. Cauvery serves only 17% of the water needs of karnataka, Krishna (actual name is krishna Veni) rivers serves around 59% of Karnataka supply (RIVER SYSTEMS OF KARNATAKA), and palar and west flowing rivers does the remaining job..  large amount water is wasted in arabian sea (in west flowing rivers of South Canara (udupi, mangalore), uttara kannada districts), but both indian and karnataka govt, have no plan to link peninsular river.

Krishna and the water given to AP
For karnataka govt,  karnataka means south karnataka (Mysore, bangalore, mandya, hassan, tumkur, sigmagalur, shimoga…).. Kindly go to bit north to  Tungabatra's  Hospete Dam (101 TMC) (much bigger than mettur dam-93TMC) and Krishna river-  Almatti dam-130TMC also very big(bigger than all cauvery dams in TN put together)…

Cauvery water issue is getting big becoz , water supply of bangalore is 100% depended on cauvery (they converted all the Bangalore lake into real estate, eg. Bangalore main bus station,)..

Is TN depend on Cauvery
In tamil nadu in terms of water,  Top dams of TN (Bhavani sagar-33TMC, Mettur-93TMC, Amaravati-4-5TMC) is on cauvery.  Mettur dam (smaller than hospete and almatti) is bigger than, all other dams in TN put together.. So cauvery serves more than 65% TN population,excluding 20% of chennai water supply (directly and indirectly).. Cauvery is the  "only one big river TN got".. being a rain shadow region cursed by gods… (ref Page on 100.167.12 )

Tamil nadu is one of the state where, maximum possible water sources are efficiently tapped, but still there is enough to do….

Lets see some of the water management projects in TN

Tamilnadu govt implemented PAP- Parmbikulam Aliyar Project, which divert some west flowing water to TN, also we have Periyar, which too divert west flowing periyar river to TN,

Many of the Tamil nadu rivers are getting connected, connection of Cauvery to vaigai, Pennar to Palar undertaken by state govt, Also TN govt wants indian govt to help to connect Pamba, Achan kovil to water scarce Vaippar river (but kerala is objected to it)

Desalination plants to convert sea water to drinking water is already running in chennai, another one is in construction in thoothukudi and chennai.. so state govt is doing enough to tap max quantum of water, but still main ground water recharge and water supply of central TN is cauvery

Little Drop water irrigation agriculture in TN, efficient water usage system implemented across tamil nadu, using plastic pipes
On contrary Karnataka state,  lags in river connectivity and any progressive step on water management (kindly update me, if i am wrong)

Mettur dam (93TMC- mainly rely on water from karnataka, and small river streams like Palaru ) is bigger than all other dams in TN put together, smaller than two dams in karnataka (Hospete, Almatti), three dams in AP(sri sailam, Nagarjuna Sagar, Polavaram)

Where is Cauvery basin area
Cauvery (with it's tributary) flows across more than 14 district of TN (4 district of Karnataka).. TN don't have the luxury of 44 rivers like kerala, or don't have great dams like srisailam or nagarjuna sagar of AP (which are much bigger than Mettur).. now AP going to get Polavaram (its bigger than all dams in TN put together)…

Water Sharing
Karnataka  has hemavathi (35TMC), Kabini (17TMC), KRS (55TMC), arakawathi, lakshmana thirtha…Heragenki (it has enough than required).. Andhra gets lot of water from krishna and godaveri (despite their main catchment area lies in maharastra, karnataka, chattishgarh).. karnataka gives much much higher water to Andhra(in krishna) than Cauvery (around 190TMC) to TN

as per last 10 years only surplus water (over flowing) is reached tamil nadu…

Krishna Tribunal Award (between AP, Karnataka, MH)
Basin Area

Before cauvery water tribunal award, lets see, the krishna water tribunal (which raised very less issue than cauvery)

River Basin Area

Water Award
Maharashtra-560 TMC
Karnataka-700 TMC
Andhra Pradesh-800 TMC

Indus River Award between India & Pakistan
(100% basin in india)
 Sharing of waters of the rivers Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Jhelum and Chenab which join the Indus River on its left bank (eastern side) in Pakistan

Pakistan will have exclusive rights of Jhelum, Chenab and Indus
India will use Ravi, Beas and Sutlej

Cauvery Tribunal Award

I am, still not able to understand, why only Cauvery award creating political tremor across india

Why TN is fighting
 TN always have to fight for its rights, becoz none of the national party have significant role in TN, as they do in karnataka . e.g cauvery, in  tribunal award, karnataka got its better share & based on catchment area of cauvery basin.. TN got less share than, what it would have got…but still congress UPA govt not even published it, in the gazatte for five years (Indian govt published award, only after supreme court judgement to TN). TN always use supreme court to get water than central govt (same politics plays the role), 

Is drought is only to TN, can't you share , the little you got
Upper riperian state can't say to a lower one, " we didn't eat full.. once we eat full stomach, than only, we will give you food, till the time, you be in starvation and die

During failure monsoon both states should share the burden, you can't ask TN to share the 100% burden.. it is mainly the politicization of the issue.

 In TN people  call cauvery as Ponni(golden women)..But as compare to cauvery, karnataka gives very less respect to TungaBatra and Krishnaveni.

Cauvery is "The Lifeline of TN". you can't see TN, just as an opportunity to dump the cauvery flood.. see us a equal partner..

Main problem of cauvery came, when cauvery was shifted out of her basin (Bangalore), actually, Mandya people have to protest against bangalore than TN.. since KRS now acting more like drinking water dam than irrigation dam.. Karnataka govt  didn't plan for Bangalore water problem during the development process and they want to put burden on TN cauvery delta..

It is the time for both state govt and central govt to reduce the burden of cauvery by inter connecting west flowing rivers, and other possible soruces without depriving the ecology of the region

As per me, nothing wrong in supplying cauvery water to bangalore, since TN also diverting cauvery to chennai.. but both govt should reduce the depedance on cauvery… for karnataka there is way, since it has other major rivers, but TN have to implement rain harvesting in a bigger scale, to have little drop water savings scheme..

Rain water harvesting


Even for historical perspective Chola's are the first kings to build dam across cauvery (kallani, 1800 years before -2AD), which is the oldest working structure in the world, even today, it is doing its job…  TN have historical rights in cauvery.. don't just damn on mysore-british agreement…(what if Mysore kings would had some backbone like Tippu/Hyder ali & fight against British, then both mysore and TN would have come under british, all these stupid agreement would have loose meaning)

Kallanai Constructed during 2AD by Karikal Chola

As per international ruling, historical water use play an important role in water sharing, with out it, country like EGYPT will suffer, since their civilization grown around Nile, so uganda, ethiopia, sudan can't stop the flow of Nile

Modern TN civilization (Chola's built their empire on cauvery riverside ) grown around cauvery..

what karnataka will do if kerala (kabini) built dam on cauvery, karnataka have best western ghats and highest rain fall place in india  aagombai (after cherabunji) a.. being lower riparian state for krishna ( water from maharastra), karnatakashould respect lower riparian TN

Agumbe, Simoga District in Karnataka (Cherrapunji of South)

"Why there is a conflict between two states"

It is happening becoz,  upstream karnataka state,  don't want to do water sharing agreement on failed monsoon situation.  to solve the issue, both govt have to approve drought year water sharing agreement, which karnataka refuses to do

(Geographical advantage of karnataka would have lost , if kodava's were joined with TN)
In 1956, division of linguistic based states, led, madras state  yo loose water rich south canara, Coorg and its merged with karnataka, though it is Tulu and Coorgi speaking areas (not kannada).  so orgin of cauvery – coorg and wayanad(Kabini) went out of madras state

TN is cursed, becoz
Down North TN(Vellore, Tiruvannalmalai, Villupuram) depends on pennar and palar (comes from Karnataka & AP),
Central TN (Cauvery delta -Rice Bowel of tamil nadu) depends on Cauvery  (comes from karnataka )
Upper south TN depends on (Madurai, Theni, Dindugal, Sivaganga) Mullai periyar(vaigai) (comes from kerala)
Western TN (Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruppur) depends on parabikulam and Bhavani (from kerala, TN)
Down south TN  ( Thirunelveli, Parts of Thoothukudi and Kanyakumari) is good with tamirabharani(100% made in TN river)..

Upper North (Vellore, Thirvannamalai) and Central South (Virudhunagar, Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram, Part of Madurai, Thoothukudi Districts) Have No Major water flowing river at all…..

River Linking .. is it costly.. NO , cost much less than money spend on MNERGA (per year)
Tamil nadu is asking for joining the peninsular rivers system (mahanadhi-Godaveri-Krishna-cauveri-Vaigai-Vaippar, fully feasible without degrading the ecology), so water surplus basin of mahanadhi and Godaveri can feed water starved krishna-cauvery, vaigai..but  there is no political will from center for last 40years..

kerela is strongly objecting to join their water surplus west flowing Pamba, Achan Kovil river with vaippar… becoz of mullai peryar issue.. i felt irritated, india's approach to  agriculture, drinking water resources and irrigation…

TN in the disadvantage of not having any west side western ghats (except Coimbatore).  TN have only dry eastern side of the western ghats, but has high population density of 500Per Page on sq.km,…. India will share jelum, chenab, Indus to pakistan (even during the worst drought condition)…

To solve this issue, i can only pray to the god.. kindly send the monsoon on correct time and correct quantity…

Sorry, I felt, it is quite supportive to tamil nadu and request my quora friends to post karnataka point of view, which give factual meaning without sentiment

I request my quora friends , kindly edit the post, which can be more neutral and factually correct.

What is the Kaveri river issue all about?


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