How important is India to the world?

How important is India to the world?

Answer by Tristan Fernandes:

Okay, I don't see this point anywhere.

A Working Democracy
India has a working democracy that is unique across the world. Inspite of having weak institutions, 60 years since Independence, India is not even close to some sort of collapse, dictatorship or military rule. Take a look at all the other countries who got Independence during that same time – they are still fighting for democracy or trying to pull  themselves out of chaos.

A working democracy in India is important for the world because:
Stability: India brings stability to the region. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sir Lanka and Nepal has had times where they could have got destablitised. India has been like a big brother (for the most part), providing stability to the region.

A Strong Government
Take Somalia for example. The world is trying to help rebuild its government. Large parts of the country are still ungoverned. That makes it difficult to aid the country.

Better yet, the world is having a problem controlling Eloba in Nigeria because there isn't a strong government infrastructure.

True, India has it's own problem with government infrastructure in rural areas, but the country has recently managed to eradicate Polio with the help of WHO and Gates Foundation. This is only possible because of government presence. This directly links to Balaji Viswanathan's 4th Point.

– A Central Head
Take Pakistan for instance, the President and Prime Minister don't have all the control in the country. The military, who works in the background controls, much of the countries external policy.

Politically, any country head can drop in and talk to a minister who has actually has substantial power to get shit done. PM Modi is a fine example today. PM Narmishra Rao and Finance Minister Manmohan Singh were the people who got things done back in 1990s. Further back, off course and you have Indira Gandhi.

This is important if you want to improve trade relations and form alliances.

Off course, this final point is debatable because India can become paralyzed due to internal and state politics. But, policy paralysis due to state politics has been an issue only in the last decade.

How important is India to the world?


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