How important is India to the world?

How important is India to the world?

Answer by Sayan Chaudhuri:

Surely India is surging gradually to be one of the notable nations in ensuing decades.

Here is a sum up of importance as well as present condition of Improving India in the whole international field :

  • Rising Economy :

    With 4.76 trillion GDP India is surely a rising economy power in Asia and thus in the whole world. Its GDP per capita is $3,900 and GDP Growth Rate overall is currently 6.5% and GDP per Capita Growth Rate is 1%.

    Source: CIA World Fact Book 2012

  • Rising Military Power :

    India isn't a superpower yet, neither it needs to rule the world. Despite that it is a rising powerful military fire-power in Asia if not whole world. India has developed to have the most total-fit-for-military-service candidates and it's have had grown ally network very well.

    Russia is a Technology Supplier & All Trench Friend for India. Again Japan is very likely to grow a friendly investment in India.

  • Decreasing Unemployment Rate :

    India currently has Unemployment rate as 8.5%. Unemployment rate here refers to the percent of the labor force that is without employment.

    Source: CIA World Fact Book 2012

  • Uprising Business Trends :

    In India there are 12 start up procedures to start a business. Start-up procedures are those required to start a business, including interactions to obtain necessary permits and licenses and to complete all inscriptions, verifications, and notifications to start operations. Data are for businesses with specific characteristics of ownership, size, and type of production. India's strong ally Japan has 8 procedures to start up a business and China has 13 procedures.

    Needless to say, this is to some extent a big advantage for India for business-trended persons creating job offers and hence decreasing the unemployment rate and in the result of more urbanization.

    Source: World Bank 2012

  • Massive Industrial Production Growth :

    India has its annual industrial growth rate as 5%. Japan has a mere 2%, China has a 8.1%, This entry gives the annual percentage increase in industrial production (includes manufacturing, mining, and construction).

    Source: CIA WFB 2012

  • More Urbanization Prospects:

    Urban population refers to people living in urban areas as defined by national statistical offices. It is calculated using World Bank population estimates and urban ratios from the United Nations World.

    India has a steadily growing Urban population growth 2.42%. Whereas US has it 0.91%, China has 2.98%, Japan has 0.45%

    Source: World Bank 2012.

  • Sufficient Energy-stock for urgent situation & export :

    India has 1,154,000,000,000 cubic meters Proven Natural Gas Reserves; where as China has 3,030,000,000,000 cubic meters; US has 7,716,000,000,000 cubic meters; Japan has 20,900,000,000 cubic meters.

    Again India has 8,935,000,000 barrels of Proven Oil Reserves. Whereas China has 20,350,000,000 barrels ; US has 20,680,000,000 barrels ; Japan has 44,120,000 barrels.

    Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation including products like coal and oil accounted for 16.92% of the total percentage share of India’s exports of top ten commodities during 2010-11.

  • Agriculture & Cultivation Growth :

    India is one of the world's top producers of food grains and simultaneously also one of the top consumers of it. Although it is quite under improvement in agriculture infrastructure but in overall area, it has the no.1 farm land in respect of area in the world.

  • Stable Gini Coefficient :

    This index measures the degree of inequality in the distribution of family income in a country. The lower the index, the more even the income distribution. India has 36.8 Gini Coefficient where as It's neighbour strong opponent has 47.4 Gini Coefficient.

And many more factors are still underlying these mentioned ones to ensure that the India becomes a Considerable Country in the world map !

How important is India to the world?


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