Is ISIS planning on conquering Israel?

IR : Is ISIS planning on conquering Israel?

Answer by Randy McDonald:

ISIS may well want to conquer Israel. The map featured in the Daily Mail article "ISIS militants declare formation of caliphate in Syria and Iraq", purportedly an ISIS production, makes sweeping claims to vast swathes of territories which include Israel.

The more important question is whether or not the Islamic State would be capable of actually making these conquests. The answer is no. The scope of conquests imagined here would literally bring every permanent member of the UN Security Council, all of the other major military powers and blocs of the world, and every nuclear-weapons state (save perhaps Pakistan) into direct conflict with the Islamic State. This would be a conflict that it could not win at all.

In the specific case of Israel, the Israeli military is more than capable of defending itself against attack. If, in fact, Israel was attacked by the Islamic State, I suspect that few governments would mind if Israel defended itself against this very unpopular emergent polity. If Israel somehow faced an existential threat from the Islamic State, then the Israeli nuclear arsenal would come into play. That would not be a conflict that the Islamic State could survive. I suspect strongly that the Islamic State knows this, and is concentrating right now on achievable goals.

Is ISIS planning on conquering Israel?


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