What would be effects at the international level of Indian PM Narendra Modi’s Japan visit?

IR : What would be effects at the international level of Indian PM Narendra Modi's Japan visit?

Answer by Akshay Jain:

Indian PM Narendra Modi completed a very successful trip of Japan and the same would have many effects on the international level.

1> Pressure on China.

China is involved in disputes with both India and Japan.
As China grows stronger and flexes its muscle in the Asia Pacific region the only two nations who can jointly counter it are India and Japan.
Its very likely that naval exercises like the Exercise Malabar will get stronger, with countries pitching more naval power to the exercise in the coming years to practice joint patrolling of the seas to give a strong message to China.

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, which went cold due to the inability of Indian foreign policy will soon be revived and better military relations between US, Japan, India and Australia with chances of many other Asian countries joining cannot be overruled.

Australia to sign civil nuclear deal to sell uranium to India
Australia agrees to sign nuclear deal to sell uranium to India soon after the Japan visit. Things are moving fast i would say.

With Japan pledging an investment to the tune of 35 billion$ in India, there is a high chance that the United States will follow suit and soon India might become a preferred destination for major economies for investment.
This would be the money that was naturally going towards China that would now be shifted to India.

2>Indian Defense : Japan lifted ban on six Indian entities including Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which had been imposed in the aftermath of 1998 nuclear tests.With defense sector now allowing 49% FDI it would be interesting to see weather India and Japan can go for joint production of defense equipment soon.

India has one of the best Armed Forces in the world, but it lacks modern apparatus and technology that is a huge concern for the country.
Japan and India have vowed to take their strategic relationship to the next level.If this leads to modernization of the Indian forces it would place India in the league of The United States and Russia in the coming decade.

3>Reduces dependence on the west for India.

India today is dependent on the west for many key technologies and investment.India has always been snubbed by the United States on sharing of key technologies.If India gets the same from Japan, it would create an unheard situation for Uncle Sam, where India just does not need the United States.With BRICS now getting more financial teeth, it would be very interesting to see how the United States will react in the coming times.

4> New power bloc ?

China is a major trading partner for the world today.This includes India, Japan and Russia. It is highly unlikely that the Asian countries would escalate the situations to go to war. The positive we can take from this visit is that it would force China to rethink its expansionist policies and focus on trade.

Russia-China gas deal could ignite a shift in global trading  – Telegraph
Shinzo Abe: Friend or Foe of the United States?

Russia is working hard currently to eliminate hatred among the Asian powers.The Irony for the United States is with India getting a leader like Narendra Modi who they do not know how to handle.

A recent statement by Modi:

"If you ask anyone among the more than one billion people living in India who is our country's greatest friend, every person, every child knows that it is Russia."

Indian support for Russian action in Ukraine is well known.
Interdependence among Asian powers is not good for US and it would be interesting to see the next stage in world politics where the US is losing grip.
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What would be effects at the international level of Indian PM Narendra Modi's Japan visit?


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