from where to start ………

Isn’t it déjà vu feeling  …. again i am in same situation ….. i have been in this situation many times after promising to me that i wouldn’t end up like this again but things haven’t changed ……. problem is ,  i don’t know the answer of the  question -“why”? .  human flesh is weak ,i have heard it …. is it weakness of mine that i don’t learn from mistake ….. isn’t the truth that i m just a weakling , who would never be what he wants to be …….. should i accept this truth  and live a  mediocre life ….. it would be better and i don’t have any problem with this ….. i am tired of watching motivational videos , using hundreds of apps to wake me up on time , September has passed long back , its march end now ….i don’t want to end up writing such a post again exactly after one year or feeling like this …… tomriddle is becoming a riddle for itself ….. lost in self made maze ….  i am not batman who will rise from the abyss , still i cant afford to see nothing from the bottom of abyss .
 NO option have to start again but from where ……

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