Why does it look like only the US is concerned about (and does whatever it does to tackle) the issue of global terrorism and nobody else …

Why does it look like only the US is concerned about (and does whatever it does to tackle) the issue of global terrorism and nobody else is?

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Really? Like no one else cares?

India is the biggest victim of global terrorism. The group who brought down the twin towers in New York, was behind years of bloodshed in Kashmir. Indian forces even foiled multiple attempts by Osama to attack US properties well before Sept 11 [Bin Laden Foiled in India?] Whenever India offered to help in Afghanistan, America's ally Pakistan vetoed the proposal – Afghanistan: India's Uncertain Road and Pakistan concerns 'not groundless'

In Somalia, Indian forces were decisive in pushing them back in one of the biggest battles on global piracy. Indian navy captures 61 Somalian pirates and stolen 'mother ship' after deadly gun battle [2011] and India 'sinks Somali pirate ship' [2008]. India also helps control piracy and terrorism in other major shipping route – Straits of Malacca – India extends Malacca Strait reach

For decades, India pleaded to the global community about the rise of hardcore terrorism around Pakistan and Afghanistan that kept on getting exported to India [ Hands Tied, India Caves in to Hijackers].

The Mujahideen fighters that Reagan helped fund [Frankenstein the CIA created] started turning their attention to India in 1989 [just when Soviet Union stopped being their #1 enemy]. AFGHANISTAN: DEATH OF A CITY Look at what the US funded Afghan fighters turned the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir into a Warzone since 1989. The drop in casualties since 2001 didn't come without India's own war on global terrorism.

India worked hard to fight Taliban even in the mid 1990s and a major victim of Al Qaeda in 1999 through the hijacking of its plane. India and Iran, then funded the Northern Alliance that the US happily used to end Talibans in 2001, without acknowledging the contributions of these 2 countries.

In fact, India has more men fighting the terrorists than any other nation in the world, including the US.

In the Middle East, US is not the solution. It is the problem.

A lot of what is happening in the Middle East has a partial hand of the US and its Cold War with Russia. It created a network of allies that alienated other nations that were not willing to budge. Alarmed by SEATO and CENTO (NATO equivalents for that regions), countries like India and Iran were forced into a Russian embrace.

The overthrow of a democratically elected government in Iran and the overthrow of multiple governments in Afghanistan merely because they were Communist, brought anarchy. The use of Pakistan's notorious intelligence agency, ISI, to fight USSR funded the Taliban.

Saddam was funded during America's shadow war with Iran. US kept switching sides that both allies and foes were confused what the US policy was. In the post-2003 Iraq, it backed governments that were openly against the Sunni population leading to the rise of IS.

I'm not saying without US the region will be peaceful. Rather, US presence is causing further fear and radicalization. In short, US is not helping at all in bringing peace to that region. It is loathe to bring UN or involve other powers.

Why India and other major countries would not join a war in Iraq & Afghanistan?

  1. Indian leaders tried hard convincing the Americans that toppling Saddam is not going to help anyone. They toppled Saddam and brought the oil crisis to India. US refused to work with India's ally Iran in bringing peace to Iraq.
  2. In Afghanistan, it is the same story. Americans are in no mood to consult with the major powers in the neighborhood. Iran and India could have used much more of their traditional links to fight the problem, like they did with the Northern Alliance. Instead, US went with the support of the nation that was creating trouble there.

As long as American leaders refuse to listen to the powers in the region, it will be forced to walk its path alone. No one asked the Americans to topple the governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. But, they did.

Without involving the UN, Obama would again waste American taxpayer money in an unwinnable war and Americans would continue to be confused on why the world hates its policy in ME. Attempt to make friends around the region you are warring. Right now, US has none.

Do involve the UN. US is not the only country worried about global terrorism. UN role was decisive in the first Gulf War. Follow the lead of what Sr. Bush did that time. Give more role to the nations that are directly impacted by the terrorism.

Why does it look like only the US is concerned about (and does whatever it does to tackle) the issue of global terrorism and nobody else …


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